Welcome To My World!

Hello all!

After much consideration, I’ve decided to start my blog back  up. Many many moons ago I used to blog on MySpace (remember MySpace?) and had a fairly decent following, but when MySpace began dying, I stopped blogging. And I actually missed it so…I’m taking it back up again.

So, what am I going to be talking about? Lots of stuff…current events, politics, love, sex, relationships…probably a lot of the latter. Not so much because I think I have any of the answers, but I think I know how to ask the right questions.

And now…ME!

My name is Petula Caesar. I was born in Paterson, New Jersey, and currently live in Baltimore, Maryland. I am a professional freelance writer, and that career has branched off into a lot of other things for me, including journalism, social commentary, poetry, and even spoken word, performance art, and recording art. A good portion of my work is erotica,  including my poetry, but I do have lots of other sides to my writing. I’ve been lucky that I have been able to sustain myself with my creative endeavors for several years now, so I don’t have a traditional 9-5 gig (not that I’m not looking!)

I have two kids, both teenagers. My daughter is well on her way to becoming a visual artist, and I’m still trying to figure out what my son wants to do, but I think it’ll have something to do with gaming. I am unmarried, not necessarily by choice, but unmarried, and never have been married. That is not to say I am excessively lonely or miserable about it. Quite the contrary — I do have relationships with the opposite sex that I am EXTREMELY satisfied with and happily participating in. Unfortunately a woman’s happiness never seems to matter when it comes to relationships. People first ask if you have a husband or a boyfriend, and then MAYBE they get around to asking if you are happy with him, or at least content. That always bothers me, that the primary concern is that you have a man, and not about how having that man is impacting your life. But more on that later.

All and all, I have a basic satisfaction with myself. There are lots of improvements I’m working on making, lots more for me to do, try and explore. But at the core of me, at the root of my root I am good with who I am and where I am and what I am. I like me. I am pleased with me. I don’t possess a lot of interest in the opinions of others aside from a core group of individuals that I KNOW have my best interests at heart. Other than that…fuck ’em.

SIDEBARS one and two:

First — I cuss sometimes. Not all the time by any means, but occasionally. Not because I have a limited vocabulary, because I don’t by any means. BUT adults cuss occasionally. Get over it. I don’t do it constantly,  or around kids (most of the time, LOL) or in front of Jesus or in just highly inappropriate circumstances. So…there ya go!

Secondly — I won’t be talking about sex all the time here, but when I do I am pretty free and open about it. If that bothers you, this ain’t for you. But you’ll get a fair warning first…okay?

Last thing about this blog — I learned a long time ago most people really aren’t interested in what you think.  Not really and truly. For that reason, I don’t express my opinions often. Why bother, when I know most folks really don’t care? But this will be one of the few public places where I will be expressing myself pretty freely and openly. Take that as a warning or whatever, but I like to let people know where I am coming from upfront.

So if you’re good with all that…welcome to me world! Stay around a while!